Now open for lunch (from 12pm) seven days a week!
Bookings essential!

"A pub is where Aussies can have one too many, where there's no expected way to act, where you can get a greasy parma sitting on a mountain of chips and order that side of gravy. Where you can get a huge steak sandwhich and not pay a small fortune for it. Where there is no grilled option for fish n chips but you don't care because you wanted that beer batter deep fried and delicious. You don't go to a pub because of a Michelin star chef, you don't go to a pub for a salad or a plate of air. You go because you want to sit back, unwind from the day, have an ice cold, delicious, local beer poured by a person who remembers you with a nod. Every Australian cherishes this privilege, so we thought, why not Vegans?"

What's on every week...

Monday... SAUSAGE FEST - $11 Types of Hot Dogs w/ loads of sides. Open Mic Night registry at 7pm

Tuesday... American BBQ Night - $13 BBQ Plates, $20 big plates

Wednesday... Steak night - 250g porterhouse steaks with loads of optional sides $15

Thursday... Trivia with Richard at 7.30pm. Bookings essential!

Friday... Parma Chameleon - $13 Parma variations from 12pm-3pm & $7 Pizzas from 3pm-6pm

Saturday... $13 Burgers 12pm-3pm.

Sunday... Sunday Parma Chameleon - $13 Parma varieties(All Vegan Optional) 12pm through to 9:30pm - Trivia with Adam from 3pm - Live music 5pm - 7pm